K&M Ipad Air 2 Holder 19727

Ipad Air 2 Holder 19727
COD: ipad-air-2-holder-19727
40,00 €
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Supporto in plastica rigida per iPad Air 2, rigorosamente MADE IN GERMANY.
Adattabile grazie ad una robusta ganascia ad asta microfonica, leggio o qualsiasi tipo di supporto che possa permettere un aggancio.
Stabile e sicuro.
Bearing plate: 249 x 178.7 mm
Material: plastic, steel
Max. load capacity: 0.75 Kg
Screw-on to: tube diameter up to 30 mm
Special features: to be attached to tubes up to 30 mm diameter; iPad Air 2 is easily clipped into the holder; lightning connector and headphone jack are accessible; freely rotates 90°; alternatively: can be screwed on to 3/8? thread connectors; suitable for iPad Air 2
Swivel: 90 º
Type: black
Weight: 0.65 kg
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