Laser World ES 800S RGB 3D | Laser ambient

ES 800S RGB 3D | Laser ambient
Laser World
COD: luci - ES 800 RGB 3D
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An 800mW RGB laser system with a double effect grating and extremely wide deflection angle of up to 120°.
The unit combines star effects with 3D-like laser effects such as dotted circles, helices, classical star effects, etc.
The integrated glass gobos and double laser apertures further extend the effects. Patterns can be selected and modified via the DMX control mode and additional modes include an automatic stand-alone mode and a sensitivity adjustable sound-to-light mode via an internal microphone.
Scan angle up to 120°
Class 3b laser
Double effect gratin scanners with glass gobos
DPSS Laser beams at red 650nm, green 532nm, blue 445nm
Good beam specification with 3mm diameter and 2mrad divergence
Key switch
Mounting bracket
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