Paiste Paiste PST 7 China 18

Paiste PST 7 China 18
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The PST 7 18" China Cymbal is the perfect solution for a drummer looking for the heritage, traditional and quality of the Paiste brand, without spending a fortune. The brand new Paiste PST7 series cymbals are made in Switzerland using Paiste's oldest cymbal lathing methods. This 18" China is bright, full bodied and powerful. It's trashy tones are perfect for accenting high octane grooves with a varied sound. It's ideal for all styles and genres of music.
Size: 18"
Weight: medium
Volume: medium low to loud
Stick Sound: washy
Intensity: lively
Sustain: medium
Bell Character: integrated
Sound Character: fairly bright, full, powerful. Medium wide range, fairly complex mix. Even, responsive feel. A powerful China for explosive, trashy accents. Useful in many different musical applications
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