Paiste PST 7 Thin Crash 14

PST 7 Thin Crash 14
COD: paiste-pst-7-thin-crash-14
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The PST 7 14" Thin Crash Cymbal is the perfect solution for a drummer looking for the heritage, traditional and quality of the Paiste brand, without spending a fortune. The brand new Paiste PST7 series cymbals are made in Switzerland using Paiste's oldest cymbal lathing methods. This 14" thin crash is bright, warm and airy with a hint of sizzle, perfect for accenting your grooves. It's ideal for all styles and genres of music.
Size: 14"
Weight: Thin
Volume: low to medium loud
Stick Sound: velvety, washy
Intensity: lively
Sustain: medium
Bell Character: integrated
Sound Character: Bright, warm, airy with a pinch of a brilliant sizzle. Fairly wide range, clean mix. Soft, responsive feel. A light crash for unintrusive accents in low to moderate music styles
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