Hohner Rocket | armonica diatonica

Rocket | armonica diatonica
COD: arm-rocket
39,00 €
Disponibilità: Pronta consegna
Novità di casa Hohner: potente, compatta e ergonomica!
The Rocket represents a new breakthrough in diatonic harmonica design. The ergonomically designed comb has rounded sides and edges for maximum comfort. Wide open cover plates and channel design enhance projection to ensure maximum loudness.
The Rocket allows players to express a powerful, dynamic sound.
Reed plate surface: brass
Tuning: Richter
Number of holes: 10
Reeds: 20 brass
Cover surface: stainless steel
Reed plates: 0,9 mm brass
Mouthpiece surface: ABS
Comb: ABS, Grey
Length: 10,2 cm
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