Sennheiser IEM 300 G1 usato in ear monitor

IEM 300 G1 usato in ear monitor
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Gli IEM Sennheiser sono una garanzia di affidabilità, qualità del suono e robustezza, grazie al case in metallo sia per la ricevente che la trasmittente, praticamente sono eterni.

Sul palco o in studio si rivelano impareggiabili, garantiscono un ascolto cristallino e l'assenza assoluta di feedback, nessun problema di interferenze grazie alla possibilità di selezionare quella che si preferisce da un ampio range a disposizione.
Featuring the SR 300 IEM transmitter, the EK 300 IEM bodypack receiver, high-quality in-ear monitors, a power supply, this system is everything you need for professional in-ear monitoring in any context. Super-small, rugged easy-to-operate receiver can be switched from stereo to double mono so you can have the mix in one ear and your individual signal in the other. It is also protected against accidental activation or shut off and includes external contacts for charging with optional battery pack and charger. 9 frequency banks with 12 presets each mean you'll never have difficulty finding a clean channel. 1440 tunable UHF frequencies.

A wealth of flexible features includes: pilot tone squelch for eliminating RF interference, LCD on transmitter, headphone monitoring output on the transmitter, and status battery display on the receiver.
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