Righton! Straps Sugar 070 Black | Tracolla

Sugar 070 Black | Tracolla
Righton! Straps
COD: acc-righton!-Sugar 070 Black
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Tracolla per chitarra o basso in pelle...
May be you want a fine-crafted, vintage aged looking strap that have a special attention to detail, if this is right sugar skull strap is your strap. Made of genuine high quality leather hand aged and painted with sugar skulls engraving. Please, note that colors may slightly vary due to the artisan painting job.

Larghezza: 2,75" (7 cm)
Lunghezza regolabile: 37,4" (95 cm) - 59" (150 cm)
Materiale: pelle
Colore: nero
Decoro: teschi neri e grigi
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  • Disponibilità: Disponibile in 4/10 giorni -
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