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La coppia di ribalte e' compresiva anche di due fly case per il trasporto.
Spectacular lighting of large surfaces requires special
appliances, with design and performance levels that will
ensure maximum reliability and artistic yield.

RIBALTA+ uses 90 Osram high power LEDs arranged in 3
horizontal rows and combined in equal numbers. RIBALTA+
lends itself to a wide variety of applications and

It has a rectangular shape that gives excellent radiant
lighting of large surfaces such as backdrops or the facades
of buildings.

It is ideal for fixed installations, just as it can always be
found in the inventories of rental companies for indoor and
outdoor events.

Just like the Palco family, a wide range of interchangeable
optics is available so that the product can be modelled to suit
the application required.

RIBALTA+ is perfect for interiors (museums, art galleries,
libraries, television studios, etc.) and in particular for
architectural illumination of city sites, monuments and
historic and modern buildings thanks to its IP20 insulation
rating and a special asymmetrical lens designed for even
lighting of walls and other surfaces extending both in length
and height.
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